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 Post subject: TK Notes
PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:52 pm 
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Hello, in this post I will publish a few notes that I am doing, based in my personal experience and that can be helpful to others.
Please note that this book is very generalist and may or may not help you.
In this book we talk about telekinesis, basic pyrokinesis and some other general concepts.
Without further do, I will now start it's publishing

Chapter I - A brief intruduction to telekinesis

Telekinesis is a concept of the paranormal area and it consists in influencing matter with your mind and power of will.
As telekinesis is a concept of the paranormal it is not always well acepted by most of the people, that is why in this article I advise you to keep your practice of telekineis in secret, because if you don’t do it you might get excluded by everyone eles and they might think you are not “normal”. You do not need to be ashamed of this great ability that we all have because in the end if you work hard you will be rewarded and your life will be much better, so take my hand in this great journey of the unknown.

Chapter II - Exercise 1 and how to practice it

The best way to start practicing Telekinesis is through meditation and other alike exercises. In your first day I would recommend you to start with a good attitude, even if you are a skeptic, give a chance to TK (belief is everything), other thing is to clear your mind of all worries and thoughts by relaxing and being in a not distracting and comfortable place.

To the first exercise get a needle (like a toothpick) and a stand for it (like a bottle cap) after that get a square peace of paper and fold it into a star (Psi-Wheel), finally put it on the needle and you are all set. The next step is to breathe deep and get relaxed, then try to feel the energy inside you (in the shape of tingling, an air rush or temperature increase), at last connect to the object (PSI-Wheel) and make it as it was a part of you and move it at your own will, forward and backwards.

Below are some procedures and steps to get ready for the exercise:

Figure 1: How to make the Psi-Wheel

Figure 2: The structure of the Psi-Wheel.

Please note that this process may not work in the first days or weeks, that is because we are all different and our abilities are dormant and they may take a while to unclasp, but with motivation we can all do it.

Chapter III - Where is the energy

All of we might ask where the energy lies in our body, the answer is that energy is all over it, but there are some several points that concentrate a great amount of energy and those points contain different energy, that points are called the Chakras, and they can lie unopened like a flower. To open a chakra there are meditation excercises that can include certain positions and sounds, and as you open different chakras you gain different abilities.

The best Chakra you can open (in my opinion) is located in the center of the forehead and it is called the third eye and it is responsible for the most popular psychic abilities, like for example aura viewing.
In further content of this book we will learn how to open different Chakras with different types of meditation.

Figure 3: The seven main Chakra system

Chapter IV - A notable case

Here I am going to talk about a case of a person with notable psychic abilities, her name was Ninel Kulagina and she has been exaustively studied and analysed by the russian KGB secret agency, and it happens that when her brain and cardiac activity was at high levels, she could perform alll kinds of psychic tasks, such as lifting a can with the mind or even stop a man’s heart (when that happened, emergency doctors had to participate to save the man’s life), also another thing that has been used to measure her powers was a device that measured the person’s own energy flow and once again, when this was at high levels, her power was stronger.
We can all be like Ninel but olnly if we are motivated and work very hard, because as “they” say, there is nothing you cannot do without work.

Chapter V - A bit more difuicult excercise

In this exercise, we are going to connect more deeply to an alive being, in this case the flame of a candle, to accomplish this task like in other exercises you have to be in a relaxed place and state of mind and clear your mind of all thoughts, after the candle has been lit, try to look at the flame very deeply, focus your vision only in it and meditate, watch it’s behaviour, connect yourself to it, share it’s energy and after that is recommended to be in a very deep state of focusing, at this point you should be able to move it, bend it and control it as a muscle of your body, exactly like you move a finger. This exercise, exacly like any other, makes your habilities improve, the more you practice it, the less concentration you need and the more your energy becomes stronger. Please note that this exercise requires you to be careful and concentrated and this is not the main hability of telekinesis but a variation, of it (pyrokinesis*).

*Pyrokinesis is the hability to control or creat fire through the power of your mind and energy.

Chapter VI - Wich Chakra to open first

The first Chakra that you should open is responsible for the general psychic power (like for example aura sight), represents the unseen by the normal eyes, and it’s name is the third eye. The third eye is located in the center of your forehead and there are several meditation excercises, or even brainwave entrainment to open it.
Now I will describe you the best meditation excercises to open it, please note that in order for this exercises to work, you should be in a relaxed state and follow every step very carefuly.

Thi first step is to breathe in and out very slowly, until you feel less heavy and totally, but not too much relaxed.

The second step is to sit on the floor with crossed legs and straight spine (the basic meditation position).

After that make a gesture with your hands (it will be described below) and then chant or listen to the mantra sound “AUM”, the function of this sound is to direcly call and stimulate the third eye, so that you can open it.

Figure 4: Hand gesture to open the third eye.

Please note that while or after the meditation procedures you may feel the center of your forehead heating up or vibrating, that is not an anomaly, it means you had success in your exercise, you may not have success at the first tries, like the other exercises, thsi one should be practiced dayly or weekly, because the more you practice it, the more your third eye is stimulated and the faster it opens.

Chapter VII - The key to succeed

At this point of the book, if you are a skeptic you might be thinking that this content is a bunch of lies. But why not to give a chance to the paranormal world, as it is so unknown?
If you do it you will reach your own conclusions and determine what is true or not and maybe prove it to the rest of the world. If you do not suceed at all, that is because you mentality or way of thinking isn’t always the best, that is why, to embrace this area you should not let your mind be adapted to the rest of the world’s requirements, because the way to succeed in everything is to have a different way of thought and enlarge your boundaries, the sky is the limit my friend!

Chapter VIII - The diferent kinesis types

As you could already notice, in this book we have talked about two diferent variations of energy manipulation (telekinesis and pyrokinesis), but that is not all about the kinetic world, there is a lot more to discover, below we are going to talk about each kinesis and individually describe every single one of them and further in this book, propose excercises to practice them.

Telekinesis - This is the ability to move or influence any object’s moving path wit the power of your mind and own energy.

Pyrokinesis - It consists in you being able to create or control fire anywhere with your own energy and mind power.

Biokinesis - What you can do with biokinesis is influenciate the DNA of any living creature, including yourself and influenciate external factors, like for example physical appearence.

Atmokinesis - Many people claim to have the power to influenciate the weather, well that is the main purpose of this ability.

Telepathy - Telepathy is one of the most popular and practiced psychic abilities and it’s purpose is to influenciate the mind and thoughts of any living creature, or even be able to make it perform undesired actions.

Aerokinesis - The basic principal behind this ability is to control the wind and air currents.

Chronokinesis - This is the ability to move anything through the time cycle and slow down or speed up the time.

Cryokinesis - Exactly the opposite of pyrokinesis, this is the ability to create or control ice and make elements colder.

Electrokinesis - This is the ability to influenciate any electrical current or field.

Hydrokinesis - The ability to generate and control water.

Magnokinesis - The ability to influenciate any magnetic field and through your energy and mind.

Photokinesis - The ability to control, creat or vanish the light.

As you could notice, every single kinesis has your mind and energy power as basis and when these become stronger, the most powerful you are at ecah ability, so you can say that they are linked, but when you have better results in ceratin abilities, that could depend on the conection you estabilish with the thing that you want to manipulate and you relation with ceratin basic or non-basic elements.

Chapter IX - The golden rule

The main rule that you should take is not to harm nobody with your powers or abilities, that is because the Karma (this concept will be explained further in this book), after that you should, in any circumstance be balanced, the basis of the balance is Feng Shui, last but not least, the rule you should obey to (for your own good) is to keep your abilities and practices in secret, because not everyone is worth is to learn such advanced concepts and  know such practices.

Chapter X - Feng Shui

Feng shui consists in the balance of the enviromnent and people that surround you. One of the most useful abilities to accomplish that balance is to practice aura viewing to check if people’s energy is acceptable and even change it, after veryfing that you should consider the place that you are in. To have Feng Shui, that place should be quiet peaceful and not too filled with objects. After taking all these factors you should have better results. Please note that the steps mentioned above aren’t required to be sucessful, but they may improve your results.

Chapter XI - Karma

Previously in this book we talked about Karma. Karma is an concept that consists in what you do to others going back to you in some point of your life, if you do not do right things you won’t be sucessful and the opposite also happens. The Karma is not always right and noticeable but it may or may not happen. The Karma concept may take you to the point where you forget about you and only think in everyone else and want their own good, even if that harms you in some way. As myself, some others strikely try to balance the life between them and other people, the truth is that the total balance cannot be reached, but you should try anyway, because that can lead you to the solution of some your life’s problems.

Chapter XII - The sixth sense

Here, we will talk about an hability that is not exactly directed to telekinesis or other energy manipulation ways, but integrally spiritual, this ability consists in sensing the unseen, like spirits and other anomalies in the enviromnent that surrounds you, it is commonly referred as the sixth sense. This ability can manifest in any time of your life and by physical sintoms like for example suddenly perking up your ears (like myself) or over-opening your eyes, in most of the times, the ability reveals itself when you open your third eye. It is a bit hard to practice it as there are not much exercises out there and the anomalies are a bit shy, so I would recommend you to let the things run at it’s time.

I hope you were inspired by this small personal note of mine.
The most kind regards:

Figure 1 - Steps for the Psi-Wheel.gif
Figure 1 - Steps for the Psi-Wheel.gif [ 6.76 KiB | Viewed 5399 times ]
Figure 2 - Structure of the Psi-Wheel.gif
Figure 2 - Structure of the Psi-Wheel.gif [ 981 Bytes | Viewed 5400 times ]
Figure 3 - 7 Main Chakra system.gif
Figure 3 - 7 Main Chakra system.gif [ 48.02 KiB | Viewed 5400 times ]
Figure 4 - Gesture to open the third eye.jpg
Figure 4 - Gesture to open the third eye.jpg [ 4.11 KiB | Viewed 5400 times ]

Dogs never bite me, just humans...

The power to be your best.

Awake the power inside you, the time has come.

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 Post subject: Re: TK Notes
PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:09 pm 
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This was a very nice presentation.

Thank you,

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